Using work to provide our sellers with a safe place to create and publish ads for items they would like to sell or services they offer. It also provides a place for buyers to search for items they wish to purchase. We provide a safe marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect. We place the responsibility on the buyers and sellers to operate within the law and expect them to research legalities they are not sure of. In short it is their responsibility to obey the law of the land.

As a condition of your use you agree not to:

  • Break any laws.
  • Be fraudulent or misleading in ads placed.
  • Spam or present pyramid selling opportunities.
  • Use content you are not authorized to place
  • Attempt to phish or harvest material from accounts.
  • Attempt in any way to interfere with the smooth operation of
  • Cause the reputation of to be tarnished in any way.
  • Behave in way that will cause offence to any other user.


By posting your ads in you give us the right to use that content in the our ongoing business for publicity and advertising.

Prohibited Items retains the right to remove or edit your content. The ad may be removed if it falls under one of the prohibited items or is considered inappropriate in any other way. Fraud will not be tolerated. all adds suspected to be fraudulent will be removed and their associated accounts will be suspended.

All ads must comply with the guidelines listed on this page and must comply with all applicable laws.


You will supply with some personal information in your profile. We will use it appropriately. You agree to the following:

  • Your contact information (exept your email ) will be displayed so that buyers can contact you.
  • As a buyer, any personal and contact information (except the email) you supply while contacting a seller will be shared with the seller.
  • In cas a buyer asked to initiate a contact with you through email, the messages will be exchanged by both parties through the website without revealing your email to prospect buyers.
  • No other information will be available to anyone except officials who will, in the ordinary course of their duties, have access to your account and therefore your personal information.
  • Our policy is not to give any information about our customers to anyone other than the account holder.
  • Requests by local authorities will be handled in confidence and information required will be handed to those officials only after official requests are submitted.

Liability bears no liability for the accuracy of ads posted on the site. We do review ads prior to listing and if found to be fraudulent or inaccurate we will either cancel them or have the seller edit the ad. We take as much care as possible to keep the site clear of dishonest claims however it is possible that ads are placed that contravene laws or our policies. It is the buyer or sellers responsibility to maintain their own safety.

Our site is continuously monitored and maintained however we cannot guarantee continuous access due to technical errors out of our control. We bear no liability for errors in the site, these errors will be corrected. attempts to maintain an easy to use, error free site however we cannot guarantee continuous use and offer no warranty.

Fees allows unlimited FREE advertisements for private sellers in most categories. The website also include optional paid services that allow the ads to appear at the top of the list or highlighted.

Payment Methods accepts PayPal for online payments, for direct debit payments please contact the administrator.